Adjunct Instructor, Communication & Media Studies, Fordham University

Films of Moral Struggle (Senior Values Capstone; Spring 2017; 2 sections Spring 2016)

Queer Studies in Film & Television (Fall 2016)

Hollywood Genres (Fall 2015)


Instructor, Stony Brook University

Gender, Race, Ethnicity: Transnational Feminism & Film (Spring 2016)

Gender & Sexuality: Queer(ing) Cinema (Winter 2016)

Introduction to Queer Studies in the Humanities (Fall 2015)

Classical Mythology (Fall 2015)

Gender, Race & Ethnicity: Emotional Outlaws & Feminist Affect Theories (Summer 2015)

Women, Culture & Difference (Winter 2015)

Topics in European Cinema: Crossing National Borders (Fall 2014)

Interdisciplinary Study of Film: French Film, Culture & Power (Spring 2014)

Sexuality in Literature (Fall 2013)

Films & Contexts: The Stony Brook Film Festival (Summer 2013)


Teaching Assistant, Stony Brook University

Interdisciplinary Study of Film: Killer Love (Head TA, Spring 2015)

Sexuality in Literature (Spring 2013, Fall 2012)

Sexuality in French Literature (Spring 2012)

Death & Afterlife in Literature (Fall 2011)