Film Programming

In 2013 I co-founded Woman with a Movie Camera, a global platform committed to increasing the visibility of women and all trans/genderqueer people working in film and video, with Sofia Varino (find her representing Woman with a Movie Camera on the BBC here!). Our project helped to inspire the Woman with a Movie Camera: Female Film Directors Before 1950 series at Anthology Film Archives, 15-28 September 2016, and we were invited to introduce the films of Alice Guy Blaché and Germaine Dulac.


Co-programmer, NEW YORK FEMINIST FILM WEEK, Anthology Film Archives, 7-12 March 2017.

“5 Must-See Feminist Films From Women Directors at the Top of Their Games: From Dunye to Varda, Hammer to Mirré, New York Feminist Film Week offers up a crash course in essential feminist cinema.” ~IndieWire

The co-founders of WOMAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA, a global platform committed to increasing the visibility of trans/cis women and all genderqueer/trans people, present the first NEW YORK FEMINIST FILM WEEK. Taking intersectional and transnational feminist approaches to interrogating cultural constructions of gender, sex, race, and class, our program aims to foster critical dialogue among filmmakers and the general public. Organized around the theme of feminist film genealogies, the program asks the following questions: What might a genealogy of feminist film look like in its politics and aesthetics? Does the practice of feminist filmmaking produce particular forms of knowledge? How does feminist filmmaking work to unsettle Islamophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, and stigmas around sexuality, illness, and dis/ability?

Inspired by feminist film weeks in London and Berlin, the NYFFW focuses on the social and material aspects of film, placing feminist film production within specific historical and geographical contexts while also creating connections among films, filmmakers, cultures, and audiences across space and time. This year’s program pays homage to feminist film pioneer Barbara Hammer and explores the theme of feminist film genealogies through seven film programs and a roundtable. NYFFW’s line-up celebrates the intertextuality of film while recognizing the unique contributions of household names like Cheryl Dunye, Barbara Hammer, Agnès Varda, and Maya Deren, alongside new and emerging filmmakers.

Special thanks to Joey (formerly known as Gina) Carducci, Nancy Gerstman (Zeitgeist), Barbara Hammer, Joe Ippolito (Gender Reel), Aimée Mitchell, Patricia Silva, Marc Smolowitz, and Women Make Movies. Any profits that WOMAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA makes from NYFFW ticket sales will be donated to Housing Works ( and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (

Co-Programmer & Co-Moderator,“Intergenerational Feminist Dialogues,” Woman with a Movie Camera second annual film program. Q&A with filmmakers Gina Carducci, Constanza Mirré & Patricia Silva. Bluestockings, NYC. 20 June 2015.


Gina Carducci & Barbara Hammer’s Generations (2010), screened on a 16mm projector operated by Carducci

Co-Programmer & Co-Moderator, “Woman with a Movie Camera: First Short Film Program.” Q&A with filmmakers Sascha Just, Atom Cianfarani, Patricia Silva, Beth Tsai & Cat Tyc. Bluestockings, NYC. 6 June 2014.


Moderating the Q&A with filmmakers Atom Cianfarani & Sascha Just