Terrain vague La haine screen cap

Presenter, “In the Banlieue Film Archives (Carné’s Terrain vague),” French & Francophone Screen Studies Mini-Conference: Revolt, Rebellion, Revolution on Screen. Virtual. 29 Oct. 2021.

Co-presenter, “Beyond Revenge in Teen Body Horror: The Non-Monstrous Feminine in Thelma and Blue My Mind,” with Ashley Rini, From the Monstrous and Non-Monstrous Bodies on Screen panel, Cine-Excess 15. Virtual. 22 Oct. 2021.

Thelma screen cap for website

Presenter, “The Virtual as Local: Reviewing the Virtual Cinemas of Detroit.” Seminar: How to Practice Moviegoing in the Streaming Age, Society for Cinema & Media Studies. Virtual. 17-21 March 2021.

Co-Chair, “Industrial Practices” panel. Society for Cinema & Media Studies. Virtual. 17-21 March 2021.

Presenter, “Mainstream & Marginal French Film Archives: The Cinémathèque Française & the Centre Audiovisual Simone de Beauvoir.” Seminar: Creating an Archives-Wiki: Re-thinking Archival Practice, Feminist Research & Historical Methods, Society for Cinema & Media Studies. Denver. 1-4 April 2020.

Chair, “Music Across the Genres” panel. Society for Cinema & Media Studies. Seattle. 13-17 March 2019.

Presenter, “Horror/Ideology/The Progressive Genre.” Seminar: “Rethinking Cinema/ Ideology/ Criticism.” Society for Cinema & Media Studies. Seattle. 13-17 March 2019.

Presenter, “The Islamic Headscarf as Ritual in Faiza Ambah’s Mariam (2015).” Women Filmmakers in France panel. Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Toronto. 14 March – 18 March 2018.

Moderator, “Visibility and the Settler Gaze: The Costs and Possibilities,” a bilingual (French/English) panel. Decoloniality: National Women’s Studies Association. Montreal, Quebec. 10-13 November 2016.

Presenter, “The Ecole Laïque as Transnational Microcosm.” Imagining Ethnicity, Race, and Racial Politics panel. Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Atlanta. 30 March – 3 April 2016.

Co-organizer, co-programmer, & co-moderator, with Sofia Varino, of “Global Feminist Film: Diversity on Screen” workshop with filmmakers Patricia Silva & Mila Zuo. Presenter, “Toward an Interdisciplinary Transnationalism in Cinema Studies: Citing Transnational Feminisms.” Northeastern Modern Language Association. Hartford, CT. 17-20 March 2016.

Presenter, “Performing Laïcité: The Banlieue Public School as Theater & Prison in Skirt Day (2009).” Precarity: National Women’s Studies Association. Milwaukee. 12-15 November 2015.

Joy Galway Presenting II hands up

Presenting on Octobre à Paris (1962) in Galway

Presenter, “The Spatial-Affective Economy of (Post)colonial Paris.” European Cinema Research Forum Annual Conference: Space & Place in European Cinema. National University of Ireland, Galway. 7-8 July 2015.

Panel Moderator, International Conference on Masculinities: Engaging Men & Boys for Gender Equality, an official #HeForShe event. Roosevelt Hotel, NYC. 5-8 March 2015.

Presenter, “Blood Brightens the Banlieue: The Affective Economy of Caché’s Suicide Scene.” Cinema Studies Graduate Student Conference: SHOCK VALUE: Experience, Affect, and the Moving Image. Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, NYC. 20-21 February 2015.

NYU conference pic Schaefer.JPGDuring the Q&A after presenting on Haneke’s Caché (2005) at my alma mater, NYU

Co-organizer & Co-moderator, with Michelle Ho, of an interdisciplinary panel entitled “Trigger Warnings & the Neoliberal Classroom: Rethinking Pedagogy in Our Time of Precarity.” Q/F/T* Event with Michael Kimmel, Lisa Diedrich, Nerissa Balce & Kadji Amin. Humanities Institute. Stony Brook University. Stony Brook, NY. 18 February 2015.

Co-organizer & Artist Keynote Coordinator, CONTAINERS: 4th Annual Cultural Analysis & Theory Graduate Student Conference. Stony Brook University, NYC. 18-19 October 2013.

Co-organizer & Poetry Panel Moderator, Global Lives: 3rd Annual Cultural Analysis & Theory Graduate Student Conference. Stony Brook University, NYC. 13 October 2012.

Long Table Organizer, Kathleen Newman’s “Notes on Transnational Film Theory.” Cultural Analysis & Theory. Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY. 24 April. 2012.

Presenter, “Reclaiming Cinematic Sexuality and Varda’s Voyeurism: Woman as Object and Subject in French New Wave Cinema.” Comparative Literature Graduate Conference: Desire: From Eros to Eroticism. CUNY, NYC. 10-11 November 2011.